What are the best affiliate marketing programs? (High Paying for Beginners)

The following article provides a detailed list of the best affiliate programs with the highest commissions in 2021. 

Let’s start by defining an affiliate program.

What is an Affiliate program?

Compared with affiliate networks, affiliate programs present you with exclusive offers you can promote on the internet. Because affiliate programs are extra sales channels for huge corporations, they are unlike the ones that follow. This method is so simple; anyone can simply sign up to a program, obtain a link, and post it on their blog or YouTube, or review sites. Affiliate programs provide the seller with a personalized URL. This attribute identifies the seller as the beneficiary of this sale. A good businessman must manage his firm by tracking sales to have effective control.

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Choosing an Affiliate Program

A shortlist of factors to consider before selecting a program is included here. Additionally, we have completed the mundane, boring work and assessed several applications to provide a ranking of the top ones.


In some cases, commissions are calculated as a percentage of the sale. The commission is a fixed price per sale on occasion, especially for web hosting products. The commission of an affiliate marketer might be affected by various other variables. You may be eligible for an additional commission if you raise the sales volume. New program joiners may be eligible for promotions.

The commission may vary depending on the product being sold in a program. Some products are more difficult to market, and therefore may have a greater commission.

Cookie lifetime

To make sure any program has long-term success, the referral cookie lifetime is critical. This somewhat technical term denotes the period of time that begins with a click and extends to the transaction in which you can receive a commission. 

To illustrate, a study recently found that the greater the time window, the better for affiliates.

A long cookie lifetime can diminish the overall attraction of any program.

Let’s take eBay as an example.

Anyone can advertise any product, for a 5% commission, using an affiliate marketing scheme.

Sounds interesting, right?

Not so much with a crazy one-day cookie lifetime.

eBay auctions are simply auctions. They last on average 7 days. You will have to click on your affiliate link and place an order on the last day of the auction if you want to benefit from this promotion. If you do not take any commissions, you don't get any compensation.

Many affiliate programs still utilize cookie technology, which means they continue to rely on cookies, and not like Voluum, which has transitioned to a new type of tracking that does not need cookies. a process that is virtually invulnerable.

Unlike other websites, eBay lives well over the normal 60-day lifespan. When deciding on an affiliate program, pay attention to the cookie lifespan policy. Yes, that's right, I did it in my ranking.

Payout Conditions for Affiliate Programs

With rare exceptions, most companies pay their affiliates on a monthly basis. Joining an associate network that pays more regularly than the rest may be useful if you have cash flow issues.

Reach a particular amount of money, and you will get a payment.

You must both earn anything and earn above a minimum level (typically $100) in order to access your money.

Businesses don't want to deal with minor, dollar-value payments that don't require their attention.

Acceptance Criteria

The majority of corporations welcome affiliates. Just share their affiliate links on any thematically-related web page, and you're good to go. However, when some businesses implement their policies, they do it with flair.

Airbnb is the best example. In order to be considered an affiliate, their basic criteria is that a website has at least one million monthly visitors.

One million dollars or no contact.

This is where their generosity (supposedly 10 percent) comes from.

Types of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs differ in terms of their location and other aspects. Our analysis has shown that there are three different sorts of affiliate programs:

  • Social: for a successful campaign, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram perform best when a company markets the campaign through social media ads, also known as social sponsored traffic or social influencers

  • Search: search results reveal affiliate offerings; either through organic search results or paid advertising. Affiliate programs for this sort of content are found in articles, review sites, and blogs, in a concealed part of the text.

  • Coupons: many sites aggregate coupons and discounts, and an affiliate program can provide an additional service that offers coupons and discounts.

  • Email: Perhaps one or two of these have already found their way into your inbox. An email affiliate scheme is still an extremely popular method.

  • Therefore, everything that I just said should be factored into the decision-making process to make an informed decision.

The Ranking of the Best Affiliate Programs:

Here is a list of our top picks of the best affiliate programs starting with: 

E-commerce affiliate programs

1.CJ Affiliate: 

It's the go-to platform for discovering deals from a variety of suppliers. CJ Affiliate works with several programs from other sectors as well. Claiming to have a 400-day cookie lifespan but an affiliate marketer has to realize that partner programs often utilize a lower duration is what these people are making the claim about.

Click here to join CJ Affiliate


Shareasale has an even greater selection of deals than CJ Affiliate (6000 to 3000). The only reason it fell short of the top spot is due to the absurdly lengthy cookie lifespan claimed by CJ Affiliate.

Click here to join Shareasale

3.eBay Partner Network

In comparison to Amazon, it seems like an excellent opportunity for any affiliate. Despite the fact that the majority of sales employ an auction mechanism and that short cookie lifetimes are commonplace, it can't get any higher than the fourth position.

Click here to join eBay Partner Network


It's a respectable affiliate program that specializes in selling digital and physical items. The platform has a very large selection of offers in different niches. As a result, their compensation structure for affiliate marketers is rather lucrative (40 percent), and it is determined not as a proportion of what Clickbank gets (7.5 percent + 1 dollar), but as a percentage of the income generated by the offer owner. Additionally, payouts are issued twice monthly, which is always appreciated.

Click here to join Clickbank

5.Amazon Associates 

One of the world's largest affiliate programs. It contains all available deals (around 12 million). The only drawback is their brief cookie lifespan (1day). Additionally, Amazon has halved its commission rates, resulting in a poor ranking.

Click here to join Amazon Associates

Crypto Affiliate Programs


Paxful is a cryptocurrency marketplace where you can exchange your cash for others'. What Paxful gives its affiliates is the ability to create their own affiliate network. You receive a recurring charge (50 percent) for people you invite and a lesser amount for individuals they invite (10 percent ). Take note that this proportion is only from escrow fees, yet they last a lifetime.

Click here to join Paxful


It charges a commission ranging from 10% to 40% of their fees (which are varied, but usually around (1.5 percent). The good news is that they are recurrent charges. Additionally, CoinMetro hosts a monthly prize pool lottery consisting of 2% of all affiliate earnings. Each month, one fortunate affiliate wins the pool.

Click here to join CoinMetro


It enables you to earn a consistent 10% commission on each subscription you refer. This is a recurring commission that will continue to accrue as long as the suggested user maintains their account. There is a 15% commission charge on signals.

Click here to join CryptoHopper


As with number three on our list, you get 10% on all referral sales. The lower spot is due to the absence of an additional threshold, as is the case with CryptoHopper signals.

Click here to join LedgerWallet


Coinbase pays its affiliates 50% of the fees associated with recommended users. The costs fluctuate but hover around 1.5 percent. The catch is that you will only receive this commission for the first three months. This is a significant disadvantage in comparison to other higher-ranked platforms.

Click here to join Coinbase

Dating Affiliate Programs

1.Cupid media

Not the best you anticipated, right? They are not a household name, in comparison to their lower-ranked opponents. However, they operate a large number of specialty dating services, making them a better option than popular dating programs. In this sector, both commission and cookie lifetime are above average.

Click here to join Cupid media

2.People media

The best second choice is People media. What kept it from securing the top place was a little lower commission rate (50 percent to 75 percent ). People media, like its winning rival, also runs specialty dating services.

Click here to join People media


The second most well-known brand. While their 20% commission rate is low, the 45-day cookie lifespan may provide some comfort.

Click here to join Eharmony


It's a difficult niche to operate in, but this may work in your favor if you're confident enough. They charge a flat fee of $7, however it is not based on sales, but on the completion of a personality test. As a result, conversion rates should be increased. This program is available through CJ Affiliate.

Click here to join EliteSingles

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs


As is the case with all other programs in this sector, the commission is determined for each subscription package offered. The lowest payment value of $200 is negligible in comparison to the mind-boggling $7,500 maximum. The half-year cookie life is excellent, and the brand is easily identifiable.

Click here to join WPengine

2.Liquid web

It has somewhat poorer terms than the winner (though they are still quite remarkable, ranging from $150 to $3,000), but it is still a very strong and popular affiliate program.

Click here to join Liquid web


Another good affiliate scheme with a significantly lower commission ($50) but an extremely extended cookie lifespan.

Click here to join Cloudways


The fourth and fifth positions should be shared by the affiliate programs of Siteground and Kinsta. What raised Siteground a notch further was the company's customer-friendly weekly payments.

Click here to join Siteground


Finally, but certainly not least. The commission is the same ($50) and the cookie duration is the same (60 days), but you must wait an entire month to collect your reward.

Click here to join Kinsta

Educational Affiliate Programs


Occasionally, the most recognized are the best, as Coursera demonstrates. The industry-leading average commission rate of 32.5 percent and a cookie life of 30 days make this the greatest in the market. They don't offer as many courses like Udemy, but their commission system is more lucrative.

Click here to join Coursera


The largest online education portal in terms of offered courses. Regrettably, they were unable to outbid Coursera on the commission. Nonetheless, 20% is acceptable.

Click here to join Udemy


$10 per registration for the skill-learning platform with set commissions. While this may not seem like much, the large number of available courses makes advertising simple.

Click here to join Skillshare


This platform, formerly known as Jam, offers classes for children. Although the market is smaller than that of Coursera, for example, it is also less studied. Each sign-up earns you $5.

Click here to join DIY.org


This platform is designed specifically for educators. If you are confident in this market, you will earn 30% commission on all signups completed within 90 days.

Click here to join Teachable

Online Marketing Tool Programs


a project management and team collaboration application, provides generous commissions to affiliates. Their commission is reliable and consistent (50 percent for the first purchase, 20 percent for the recurrent ones). The 90-day cookie duration, assistance, and training provided to all new affiliates make this a program worth trying.

Click here to join GanttPRO


It's a social media management software with over 100,000 post templates. Affiliates get an average commission of 25% and claim to earn between $40 and $1500 each month.

Click here to join PromoRepublic


The well-known marketing option for all those Instagrammers out there provides a 40% - 60% recurring compensation rate (the ultimate value is determined by the month's sales) paid for the life of the recommended membership.

Click here to join PromoRepublic

4. 4K VideoDownloader 

This simple tool suggests straightforward words. You get 50% of the platform's revenue. Increase your earnings by recommending a more costly option. That is all.

Click here to join 4K VideoDownloader

Gaming Affiliate Programs


There is not much more to say if you are a gamer. The brand that epitomizes gaming accessories and equipment. You get a 5% commission on each transaction you assist. Additionally, these gaming gadgets are not inexpensive. It's a 5% piece of a large cake.

Click here to join Razer


Although they are best known for producing gaming mice and keyboards, they offer so much more. Logitech is a more popular business than a niche Razer, which should make it simpler to promote their deal. Their commission fee is just 1% less than Razers.

Click here to join Logitech


This business, which is a part of the Dell empire, specialized in gaming laptops. Laptops that are prohibitively costly. 4% of the 3,000$ makes the effort worthwhile. This program is available via CJ Affiliate.

Click here to join Alienware


If you're unfamiliar with Nvidia, you must be a Muggle. Alternatively, a console player. They are ready to split 2% of their income with you in exchange for a sale. The 90-day cookie lifespan provides enough opportunity to close a transaction.

Click here to join Nvidia


Their gaming affiliate program is comparable to Nvidia but has a shorter duration.

Click here to join Microsoft

Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Are you feeling a little disoriented? Still unsure about where to begin? Don’t worry. The list below contains the top affiliate marketing programs for beginners. They are very lucrative and simple to operate.


The dating vertical is a common entry point for the majority of affiliates. Offers in this sector are simpler to market than, say, web hosting services, which may need knowledge of a technical language. Additionally, Match.com is a well-known brand.

Click here to join Match.com


The grounds for selecting this affiliate program are the same as those stated before. What more could a beginner want for than an easy vertical and a recognized brand?

Click here to join Coursera


While their user interface lags behind current design standards and may be difficult to grasp, they offer a plethora of tools that are beneficial for newbies. Additionally, the deals are all beginner-friendly.

Click here to join Clickbank

4.CJ Affiliate

They are not the simplest site to use at first, but the sheer volume of intriguing offerings should compensate for the higher learning curve.

Click here to join CJ Affiliate


If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, consider participating in this program while Bitcoin is a hot subject. You may profit from the topic that has garnered the greatest attention in recent months.

Click here to join Paxful

What about referral Programs?

Similar to an affiliate program, a referral program is similar to a referral program. The objective is similar to that of advertising service, except that the marketing is made by a service or product user, not by an external marketer.

Consider the platforms, services, and apps used by affiliate marketers, numerous of them participate in referral schemes. You may earn some additional money by advertising them to your other marketers.

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How do I begin the process of developing an affiliate marketing program?

It's simple. If you have your own product or service, all you need is a method to monitor its performance. There are many pre-built systems dedicated to the creation, management, and monitoring of affiliate programs. To get a taste of this platform from the developers of the world's most powerful ad tracker, Voluum, join up for a PowerAff beta test. We have a fair amount of experience with tracking!

Affiliate program opportunities to choose from

Of course, there are many more affiliate programs than the ones I've mentioned. However, the goal was not to list them all but to identify the top affiliate programs in lucrative areas that would continue to be profitable throughout and after the epidemic.

All programs should continue to be monitored in order to accurately calculate your payments. Voluum is the finest affiliate ad tracker on the market for this purpose.

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