How do you start an affiliate marketing website? (complete guide for beginners)

As an affiliate marketer and owner of an affiliate website, you may earn money online in a variety of ways. You'll discover that creating an affiliate website isn't difficult, and the payoff maybe hundreds of dollars each month in affiliate commissions.

We'll walk you through the fundamental steps necessary to launch your first affiliate marketing website in this post:

  1. Choose a theme for your website.

  2. Establish your first affiliate website

  3. Configure the hosting, domain, and other necessary tools.

  4. Create a content strategy that results in affiliate sales

Let us begin!

Niche Selection: What Is the Subject of Your Website?

The first item you should consider is unrelated to hosting, domain names, or website software. All of those factors are important, but the first thing you must determine is the purpose of your website.

And, since your objective is to make money via affiliate marketing, you must exercise caution in making this choice.

For instance, if you established a website dedicated to assisting local homeless people, you may feel good about yourself. However, the earning potential for affiliate marketing would be limited.

"The Riches Is In The Niches"

The term "niching down" refers to concentrating your efforts on a smaller number of individuals.

Niching down enables you to:

  1. Locate individuals.

  2. Determine their precise location of discomfort.

  3. Deliver your message in such a manner that they feel as if you really understand them.

Because you are not attempting to offer anything to a wide range of people with disparate interests and pain points, you can really focus and communicate to your niche. It's as though you're seeing directly into their minds.

This is how you will rapidly get enormous traction.

Niches Within Niches (Within Niches)

Consider if you wanted to target the fitness sector

To begin, it is much too broad. Almost everyone will admit to having a desire to be fit.

It's difficult to build a site that appeals to such a wide demographic. The issue is how to attract visitors to the site without spending a fortune?

What you must realize is that there are niches inside niches. It is more cost effective and convenient to target these tiny groups than it is to target a larger niche.

The fitness niche may be further segmented, for example:

  1. Weight-loss

  2. Consumption of nutritious foods

  3. Exercise

  4. Muscle development

  5. Cardio

  6. Pilates

  7. Yoga

  8. ..and so on.

This segmentation of the fitness market creates more focused groups. Within niches, there are niches.

Are you capable of going any further? Sure. Consider the cardio niche.

Cardio comes in a variety of forms

  1. Walking

  2. Running long distances

  3. Swimming

  4. Cycling

  5. Exercises for cardiorespiratory fitness that you may perform at home

  6. Training on circuits

  7. Interval Training with a High Intensity (HIIT)

  8. Rowing

  9. Jump-rope

  10. Boxing

  11. ...and so on.

Avoid Going Too Far

Concentrating your efforts on a certain niche may significantly aid in your targeting efforts. For instance, you might create a website devoted to the specialty of rowing for fitness.

You might even further specialize in rowing for weight loss, which would allow you some lateral mobility to related subjects such as food.

However, a word of caution... Avoid going too deep with your specialized choice.

For instance, rowing for post-menopausal women in Australia is a niche that will never have a sufficient number of participants.

Ascertain That Your Niche Will Provide Future Affiliate Opportunities

Additionally, you want to ensure that the topic you choose offers affiliate possibilities.

Consider the demographics in your specialty. If you are unable to quickly think of at least four or five different kinds of goods they may be interested in purchasing, it may be worthwhile to explore alternative niches.

If you're serious about determining if there are currently available affiliate possibilities, you may join certain affiliate networks or search for specific items to review in that area. Then check to see if you can earn money promoting them online.

It is unnecessary to do this additional step.

How to Create an Affiliate Website Step by Step

You're now prepared to take action and create your own website.

Let us begin by noting what you require:

  1. domain name

  2. web hosting service

  3. Content management system for websites (CMS)

  4. A content strategy

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If you're nervous about technology, have no fear. Nowadays, many of the moving pieces are taken care of for you by hosting providers through one-click installations. Indeed, they aim to make this technological stuff as simple as possible for you.

If you think about it, they're driven to simplify the process since it results in more individuals starting websites. As a result, you may be certain that you possess the necessary qualifications.

What Is the Definition of a Domain Name?

Given that you've already chosen a specialty, it should be a bit simpler to decide on a name for your website. As previously said, invest some time in studying and choosing a specialty. Return to that page and complete it immediately before proceeding to purchase your name and hosting.

A domain is just a convenient method for someone to go to your website using their computer browser.

Rather than typing an IP address – which is a string of digits that identifies a computer/server on the internet and looks like this: (123.234.432.321) – your visitors enter your domain name, such as

It's just a convenient method to remember a name.

Another way to think of it is as your home's address. The domain enables visitors to locate and identify your website (home).

What Is the Definition of a Web Host?

What exactly is a web host, and how does it vary from a domain name?

If your domain name is analogous to your home's address, your web host is analogous to the land on which your home is built.

It's space on a server that you rent, which is just a more powerful computer than the one on your desk. You use this area to construct your website.

What is Content Management System (CMS) software?

In the 1990s and early 2000s, anybody wishing to create a website was required to learn how to write HTML. HTML is a specialized language that communicates to your browser the visual appearance of a website.

Today, content management software, or CMS, is available.

A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software that takes care of the HTML coding for you. It maintains a database of all the articles and pages you produce.

When someone visits a certain page on your website

The CMS will then retrieve and display the page named "Best Rowing Machines For Weight Loss" to the visitor.

WordPress is the finest and most popular content management system. WordPress powers 59.7 percent of the internet. The remainder is made up of custom-built websites and other smaller content management systems.

In this tutorial, we suggest WordPress. Because if you ever need assistance with your site, WordPress makes it simpler to locate someone proficient in editing WordPress websites than it is to get someone capable of editing a site in some obscure CMS that requires specialized expertise.

Additionally, you'll discover that it's less expensive to locate individuals eager to work on your WordPress-based website due to its popularity.

Choosing a Domain Name Registrar and a Web Host

Here are a few domain name registrars and web hosting companies that we strongly suggest. Affiliate Disclosure: Yes, these are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to open an account with them, we will get compensated.

InMotion Hosting 

InMotion Hosting is a secure cloud-based hosting platform that scales with your company. InMotion also provides VPS, dedicated, and shared hosting in addition to WordPress hosting. Their technical support staff is entirely located in the United States, and they provide a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The pricing is also very reasonable, beginning at $2.49 each month.


Bluehost has been in business for over two decades. It hosts over two million websites, is very affordable, runs its own servers and data centers in the United States, and includes a one-click installation of WordPress (very important for de-complicating the whole thing).

Additionally, it is cheap. You may host your website for less than $50 per year.

Configuring WordPress on Bluehost

1- As previously said, Bluehost offers a one-click installation. Therefore, just click this link, then click the large green Get Started Now button to begin the registration process.

2- Following that, choose a domain name:

3- Because this offer includes free domain registration, it's advisable to take advantage of it. Although you may also utilize's domain name search engine. Simply put in your domain name suggestion and see what comes up. The more distinctive your chosen name is, the more probable it will be accessible.

4- Once you've chosen a domain name, establish an account by entering your personal and billing information.

5- create a Bluehost account

6- After you've made a payment and chosen a password, your account is complete. Following that, you'll be taken through the installation procedure.

7- Bluehost's wizard really puts you into the backend of WordPress:

8- Now, click Launch, and your site is almost complete:

9- Choose a name for your site and a description for it (these may be modified later in the WordPress backend under Settings > General):

If you ever need to re-login to WordPress, just visit this page:

Bluehost really offers an excellent YouTube series of onboarding tutorials that walk you through the fundamentals of WordPress administration. You may watch the video series to learn how to customize your site's appearance, add plugins, and more. Take a look below.

The ThirstyAffiliates Plugin Installation

There is one more plugin that we suggest you install. After you've completed your WordPress installation, you'll want to install a link Cloaker.

The phrase "link Cloaker" is a fancy name for a tool that converts unsightly affiliate links 

And transforms them into visually appealing links that your visitors won't be scared to click on. Therefore, where does this connection really lead? To our Bluehost affiliate link, which will redirect you to Bluehost's main page. This is an example of link cloaking in action.

For a more detailed explanation of what link cloaking is, see this article.

Why Would You Use a Link Cloaker?

There are many advantages to utilizing a link Cloaker such as ThirstyAffiliates.

Credibility of the Link

A visitor is far more likely to click on a link referring to the same website as the one they are now on than they are to click straight on an affiliate link.

This is because the majority of affiliate links include unattractive numbers and other information in the link URL. This is necessary for tracking, yet seems frightening to the user.

By creating a link that seems to connect to anything on your website, you may increase the link's perceived credibility.


You may categorize connections to similar items, automate connecting, geolocate specific links so that visitors are directed to shops in their immediate area, and much more.

The primary managerial reason for using ThirstyAffiliates is that if the affiliate program with which you are affiliated ever shuts or changes the structure of their links, you only need to update the link in ONE location Thirsty Affiliates.

Without ThirstyAffiliates, you would be compelled to trawl through your website page by page, looking for every instance of that affiliate link.

That may be OK if your document is just a dozen pages long. However, if you reach a few hundred pages, it may become a major pain!


Another significant advantage of using ThirstyAffiliates to hide your links is the ability to monitor the clicks on your affiliate links. Knowing which affiliate links are gaining traction with your audience is critical for optimizing your links' performance.

Installing ThirstyAffiliates

It's simple to install the ThirstyAffiliates free plugin:

  1. Navigate to the WordPress backend of your website.

  2. Select Plugins > Add New.

  3. Conduct a search for "ThirstyAffiliates."

  4. Install Now, followed by Activate.

Developing a Content Strategy

To begin developing your content strategy, you must first grasp and apply a few ideas that will assist you in establishing the "bones" of your plan.

Conversion funnels for visitors

Let's take a brief look at visitor funnels. In marketing terminology, a funnel is the process of taking a large number of visitors and sending them through a series of stages in order to narrow down the list of visitors to just those who are likely to perform some desired action.

how to create a funnel for an affiliate website.

Bear in mind that the primary objective of your affiliate website is to earn money by assisting others, recommending them to products/services, and being compensated for it.

A visitor funnel enables you to route your visitors, qualify potential customers, and offer them something.

Intention of the Visitor

Another aspect to consider is the purpose of your visitors. It will assist you in determining the primary content components that need to be created. At different phases of the purchasing process, intent relates to the visitor's preferences, wants, and requirements. Visitors are not all created equal. When visitors arrive at your site, they may be in various phases of their journey through your selected specialty.

To continue our previous example of a website dedicated to rowing for weight reduction, you may have visitors who are:

- Just beginning to learn about rowing as a weight-loss activity.

- They're on the lookout for their first rowing machine.

- Inquiring about rowing exercise routines.

- Looking for a more advanced/better rowing machine?.

- Considering other weight-loss strategies to supplement their rowing exercise.

- Examining additional supplementary workouts to help them improve their rowing.

- Needing to resolve rowing-related injuries.

- Each group of individuals at each level has a distinct purpose, despite the fact that they are all linked to the rowing for weight reduction niche.

This is a critical idea to grasp while developing your content strategy. Understanding the purpose of your visitors should dictate the kind of material you produce for your affiliate website.

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Conception of Intent-Driven Content

Analyzing purpose is one of the most effective methods for generating massive quantities of content ideas.

To demonstrate, let us take one of the above examples: "Shopping for their first rowing machine."

There are many content pieces you might produce to entice individuals who are in the market for their first rowing machine.

Here are a few concepts that immediately spring to mind:

What To Look For In Your First Rowing Machine.

6 Common Errors When Purchasing Their First Rowing Machine.

Which Rowing Machine Is Most Appropriate For Beginners?.

Which Rowing Machine Type Is The Quietest?.

Which Type Of Floor Should Your Rowing Machine Be Placed On?

How To Care For Your Rowing Machine.

All of these pieces serve as excellent entrance points for your affiliate website, and it's easy to see how compiling a list of five to ten articles for each step you imagined in your topic may result in a substantial amount of material.

However, it is pointless to attract visitors to your website unless you have a funnel that directs them to make a purchase.

If you just slap advertisements on your site or arbitrarily put affiliate offers, you may receive the occasional sale and earn a few dollars in advertising revenue. However, you will never achieve runaway success until you establish a funnel.

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Adding the Funnel

After brainstorming article ideas for one of the identified visitor intentions, it's time to construct the funnel.

As previously said, a funnel takes motivated individuals and leads them on a path to purchase. Additionally, funnels function best when you understand the visitor's purpose in order to match that goal with the appropriate offer.

It's all about presenting them with the appropriate offer at the appropriate moment. To do this, you'll want to build several funnels. One for each known visitor intent.

The first step is to attract visitors to your site. That is the very first step in your funnel.

The next step is to get those individuals to join your email list by giving them something irresistible. This is referred to as "funnel bait."

Funnel Bait

The bait you employ to entice visitors into your funnel might be a PDF guide, a checklist, a spreadsheet, some free software, or any other easy-to-assemble information or resource that visitors would want at that visitor intent stage. The more appealing your bait is, the more individuals will enter your funnel.

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To extend the scenario, someone buying for their first rowing machine would almost certainly leap with excitement if you gave them the following:

“A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide To Selecting Your First Rowing Machine”

A comprehensive A-Z guide to purchasing your first rowing machine, including a discussion of the many kinds of machines, which ones are best for specific purposes, an estimate of how much you should budget, and a comparison of a few popular models”.

This funnel bait may even result in affiliate sales if you strategically place your affiliate links, particularly if someone wanting to purchase that same day downloads your goods.

People Flowing Through Your Funnel.

Thus, you've attracted visitors to your affiliate website by creating material that appeals to their intents AND you've qualified their intent by enrolling them in your mailing list. Now it's time to drive them even farther down the funnel in order to close the deal.

However, pause. You may be concerned if you are not receiving a large number of subscribers. More subscribers is always preferable... correct?.

This is a fallacy perpetuated by traditional marketing thinking.

The objective is not to target everyone. It's OK if your list does not have a large number of subscribers.

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You want and need only those who are prepared to act. To maximize response rates, it's critical to classify visitors in order to ensure that you're speaking with the appropriate individuals - this is sales 101. Avoid wasting time on unqualified leads.

Utilization of an email marketing

You'll want to set up an autoresponder to guide visitors through your funnel.

An autoresponder sometimes referred to as a "campaign," is simply a series of emails delivered automatically to your subscribers over a certain period of time (usually a couple of weeks).

We suggest that you send three to eight emails after their download of the material you supplied. These emails should cover all aspects of that purpose and ultimately conclude with an offer (or even multiple offers).

In our rowing example, we provided them with a comprehensive buyer's guide for rowing machines. Thus, they are probably prepared to act within a few days.

Here is an example of an autoresponder sequence you might send to these individuals to encourage them to take action:

I selected the ABC Rowing Machine as my first rower for a variety of reasons.

Here is a complimentary six-week rowing training plan.

I've arranged a 20% discount for these Rowing Co rowers (a fantastic bargain!).

Correct rowing methods to avoid injury.

- How David dropped 25 pounds via rowing.

There is no delivery charge on these rowing machines (limited time only).

My assessment of the most popular beginning rowing machine in 2020.

Consider how combining personal stories, other complementary resources, and offers may result in a comprehensive autoresponder series.

This is the kind of content that will result in affiliate sales for you.

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Repetition Is Necessary To Form Your Content Plan

That concludes our comprehensive guide on developing your content strategy.

It may be summarized in two points:

Everything is driven by the purpose of your visitors.

Profitable funnels are where you will earn money.

Your following steps are as follows:

Determine what motivates your audience at various phases in your specialty (visitor intent).

Create five to ten pieces of content that address each of the visitor intentions you identified.

Create valuable materials that people would beg to download in return for their email address.

Create an email series (an autoresponder/campaign) that incorporates personal tales, free resources, and, of course, affiliate offers that correspond to their purchasing intent.

What happens next?

If you've produced all of the articles you brainstormed and created funnels for each of the visitor intents you discovered, all that's left is to continue feeding the machine.

  • Increase the number of articles you write in order to attract more readers.

  • Consider paid acquisition.

  • Consider guest blogging and other marketing methods to increase your visibility.

Your objective now is to increase traffic and funnel as many visitors through your site's funnels as feasible. Your funnels, if they've been built correctly, will handle the rest.

A Tool for Implementing Your email marketing

There are many email marketing platforms available, and you're undoubtedly familiar with some of the more well-known ones, such as Mailchimp, but one that I suggest you explore is Aweber.

Aweber has what are known as Workflows, which make it simple to manage the flow of subscribers. That implies that once they've completed one of your campaigns, depending on how well it worked, you may add them to another and continue selling to them indefinitely.

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Learning how to build an affiliate website may be a financially and personally rewarding experience.

You'll learn A LOT about the topic you've chosen and the audience your website serves. You'll get a wealth of knowledge about the affiliate marketing method, industry, and tools. Additionally, you'll gain valuable knowledge about doing business on the internet in general.

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