How to improve your content marketing 4 important content writing tools for better SEO

Ultimately drives it to buy Instead of directly marketing your products or services, you provide useful and relevant content to customers and potential customers to help them solve their problems.

Content marketing has become one of the most popular trends adopted by marketers to attract customers and raise sales; this requires writing useful and stimulating content for the reader in the same line of your company's values, the question: how do I write successful marketing content? And how do I know what the audience is looking for? Here are the best content marketing tools to achieve impressive results

1. SEMrush

4 important content writing tools for better SEO

SEMrush gives you good advantages in writing marketing is more than a great tool that helps you analyze competitors; it is the best keywords tool you can use to get a high rating.

Knowing which keywords your competitor ranked high will help you start with a clear way of determining what your next content will be and how you can outperform them with strong words.

SEMrush Use Cases

Learn From Your Competition:

By studying the ads of your competitors, you can adjust what works best for them to fit your own needs. You can also see which keywords they are disregarding and target them. 


Write the Best Content:

It lets you know when you should use enough keywords and semantically related keywords, and when your sentences are too long! The SEO writing assistant helps you notice all the important details.

Remove Toxic Links:

Backlinks are key to generating traffic, revenue, and developing your page rank, but toxic backlinks can be a real thorn in your side. That is why being able to quickly and easily identify toxic backlinks and then submit them to the Google Disavow is so useful!

SEMrush Pricing:

4 important content writing tools for better SEO


2. Ubersuggest

4 important content writing tools for better SEO

Ubersuggest is a tool that can make your keyword search easier. It was created by Neil Patel. This tool offers a free service that presents how the interesting keywords are being explored and suggest other keywords that can develop the creation of your content.

Ubersuggest Use Cases

Content Ideas: 

It helps you to know the questions your potential customers are asking and answer them with content on your website.

SEO Analyzer: 

Using SEO Analyzer will help you to create content that’s more user-friendly, as a result, increase your Google rank and readership. 

Study the Competition:

it helps you to optimize your SEO strategy, pay-per-click campaign, and take advantage of backlinking opportunities. Ubersuggest can also help you develop your website by seeing what your competitors are doing, seeing what their mistakes have been. 

Ubersuggest Pricing

4 important content writing tools for better SEO


3. Spin rewriter

4 important content writing tools for better SEO

Spin Rewriter is an amazing text rewriting programming with ENL semantic spinning innovation. It permits you to turn an article into an interesting form. Its calculation turns quality substance at word, sentence, and section level. Also, it changes sentence structure and changes equivalent words just where appropriate.

Spin rewriter use cases

1. Side-by-side comparison

Directly compare your original and newly spun articles so you can promptly observe the distinction. This makes it inconceivably simple to see initially how exceptional your new content is.

2. Stock photo integration

Add pertinent public area pictures to your articles — simply select which ones you need, and Turn Rewriter will automatically add the applicable choice between paragraphs.

3. Mass export

Produce up to 1,000 varieties of your article at once. This implies with only one button press, you can make enough content to fill your websites.

4. Works on all devices

Turn Rewriter lives in the cloud, which means it will adjust to every device you have: tablets, telephones, desktops …

5. Paragraph creation

Spin Rewriter can remove data and make new content on its own. With completely new paragraphs, your original article is masked even further — giving you content that cruises even next to each other examination.

Spin rewriter pricing: 

4 important content writing tools for better SEO

4. Grammarly

4 important content writing tools for better SEO

Grammarly is an online grammar checker and proofreading, it’s a useful and economical writing tool that helps you find and fix errors in your writing.

Grammarly use cases

Grammar and punctuation:

Grammarly finds out grammar and punctuation mistakes. It also provides guidelines on how to correct these mistakes.

Spell Check:

It is a strong spell check tool that helps you to robust the spelling mistakes.


Grammarly robust plagiarism, by comparing your writing to billions of web pages.

Grammarly pricing

4 important content writing tools for better SEO


Here are the Grammarly pricing options

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